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What to wear

Lingerie ideas for your webcam shows


This is a sexy outfit, but it isn’t practical when doing a strip. If you were to do a strip-tease, it is better to have a 2 piece outfit, such as a bikini or a really sexy/classy bra and knickers/panties. Then you can take each item of clothing off one by one, as you need to.

However, this is ideal for when you are just trying to excite people in webcam. Try to be wear lingerie that appeals to men’s fantasies, rather than what suits your style. The more you appeal to men, the more chance you have of them taking you into a private show.


This is a good example of a sexy 2 piece.



Here is a really classy piece of red lingerie which looks amazing.

The better you look, the more you will appeal to people.







Another really great piece of lingerie.





What to wear around the house

You can wear whatever you want around the house, but we advise you to look as sexy as possible all of the time. If you wear jeans, you will not stand out, and you will not catch anyone’s eye. The same goes for trousers. People want to see your skin, and if possible, your cleavage.


If you wear ugly outfits like this, you will not look good and people will not be interested in you.


Wear more glamorous outfits around the house, and if it is casual, make is sexy casual. Cleavage and see-through are always good.




A nice dress, always looks nice, but try to show cleavage if you can, and as much of your legs as possible. Wear high heels, not trainers. Trainer shoes are not sexy, even if they cost lot’s of money. Trainers should only be wore in the gym.




Another nice dress showing cleavage. Try to wear different colours and different styles if you can.







Wearing nice outfits, increases your chances of staying popular, and other girls will be looking hot, and that’s why you need to too.




What to wear in the gym

Try to stay sexy even when you are in the gym. If you are looking really hot, then people will be watching you, and you could get tips and gifts, just for looking hot.


Gym outfits like this, will make you look hot and sexy, and people will not be able to stop looking at you working out in the gym.

But you can wear anything you want, this is just advice.




What to wear when you sleep


When you sleep, people will watch you. Many people find it fascinating to watch people sleep, and other might just be browsing. A lot of the time, your regulars and your members will want to see you in every aspect of life including eating, sleeping, showering, working out, cooking and hanging in the lounge.

But when you sleep, you should look as sexy as possible, because even while you are asleep, you could have gained another regular because he saw you looking amazing when you were sleeping and he decided to follow you.

You can still earn tip and gifts even when you are asleep, because people can still tip you, so try to make the effort to look sexy in bed.


What shoes to wear

Don’t wear shoes just because you like the style, or because they are fashionable and expensive. Shoes like these are not sexy, and you can’t do fetishes with them, because people won’t get turned on by them. Avoid shoes like this.

Stripper shoes like these will give you height which is useful in strip clubs, especially if you are short. However, on webcam, they still look amazing. Stripper shoes are still stripper shoes wherever you are.


These types of shoes are excellent for webcam and great for in the house too. they are sexy, they make our eyes look at your legs too because the strap goes up the leg. A really nice, sexy pair of shoes.


These shoes are also great for webcam, and for the house. If your feet start hurting, you can always take them off.







Don’t wear shoes just because they are comfortable.

You need really sexy shoes that will feed people’s fantasies.