Talk Of The Town Cambridge

The Talk Of The Town Club are on our Blacklist and they are very memorable for all the wrong reasons. This Gentlemens Club in  Cambridge cheated me by not paying my agency invoices.


They were very keen to get girls into 2 of their clubs, yet when it was time to pay, Talk Of The Town did not reply to me or take my calls.



Talk of the Town Strip Club made problems with the dancers 

Talk Of The Town Cambridge

Not only did Talk Of The Town cheat me, but the girls said that they cheated them with money too!


According to a website that I will not mention the name of, there were a lot of local residents that complained about this Cambridge club being so close to a residential area.


The new laws that were introduced just after, allowed the council to close them down due to them being close to a residential area. I would say avoid Talk Of The Town for not paying my agency fees, but there’s not point since they have closed down now!