Taboo Club Grantham

We worked with Taboo Gentlemens Club in Lincolnshire and it is on our list of Blacklisted Strip Clubs.

This Strip Club in Grantham had good and bad days just like most other clubs, but the dancers that I sent there always complained about the management.


To make things even more convenient, Taboo Club had an agreement with a local taxi firm in Grantham to allow dancers that work in this venue to stay for only £15 per night in their accommodation.


But you can get it for £10 if you book direct with them. This place has a market and a train station that is on the East Coast main line railway which is only five minute walk from the Taboo Club. We do not work with this venue anymore as most girls that I sent there complained that it was run badly and that the management were not nice.


I found them ok while I was working with them though, although there were always issues and it really wasn’t worth the hassle in the end.


Review: It was very difficult to work there and be happy. Most girls left saying that is was run badly and the management were unfair and shouting and screaming at them. One girl complained that she was scared of the manager of Taboo Club that came to her room screaming at her. She said the police were called to the scene.


The opening times of Taboo Gentlemens Club in Grantham 

In Grantham, the opening times of Taboo Club are: Wednesdays to Saturdays 22:00 until 04:15. Bank Holidays / Christmas and New Years 22.00 until 05.00.


Taboo Gentlemens Club GranthamHow many girls working at the moment 

At the moment they have 8 Girls which have been working with them for years and that’s why they need new dancers who know how to work the floor.


Name of Club 

Taboo Gentlemens Club in Grantham.



There is no touching allowed in this club during dances. If you are not from the UK, please remember that this is a different country and different rules apply and this club allows no sexual contact of any kind. You will be dismissed if you do; but you will love this club if you do not break the rules as you can make a lot of money here.


Other Info

This club is the only venue of its kind around that area, the next closest one is 30 to 35 miles away, so there is NO COMPETITION.


Girls Required 

British or European girls are accepted.


Dress Code

Sexy cocktail dress or outfit. 3 Changes per night are required.


House Fee / Floor Fee



Drinks Commission 

Girls get 20% in Champagne and Cocktails.


Commission on dances 



Dance Prices

Fully nude private dance is £20 (1 song ). VIP / Champagne room is a minimum of £80 (15 min).



Accommodation is available for only £10 per night and it is near the club. This could be in a shared room but at the moment there is only 1 girl staying in the rooms so you might have a room to yourself if you book early.



Passport, driving license or equivalent to prove that you are over 18.



Girls are Self employed and are responsible for paying their own tax (if you want to pay).


Tattoos / Piercings

Tattoos and piercings are accepted as long as they are clean and not offensive.



Girls with no experience are accepted and free training will be given.


Stage Shows

Girls do stage shows if they want, but it is not a requirement but it gives the customers an opportunity to see you dance and then take you for a private show.


When you get paid

Girls get paid every night at the end of their shift.



The club cannot arrange visas.