Tenerife Strip Club

Club Conditions



This strip club is situated in Tenerife, in the busy area of Playa De Las Americas. Girls love to work in Tenerife because it is a nice working holiday, and this strip club has is looking for English speaking dancers from around Europe.


Opening Times



This club opens from 9:30 pm to 5:00 am 7 days per week.


Average Earnings



Girls usually make between 3,000€ and 10,000€ depending on the girl and the season.


Airport Pickup



This club will pick you up from the airport.


House Fees





Dance Commission



The dance commission is split between the dancers and the club 50 / 50.


Drinks Commission / Consummation



The club shares the drinks money that dancers sell 50 / 50 with them.





The VIP prices start at a minimum  of 150€.


Daily Fixed Salary



There is no fixed salary anymore.


Dance Prices



Minimum 50€.


How long are the dances



1 song.





You do not pay tax when you work at this club.





The apartments vary, usually they are 2 rooms with 2 double beds. The club accommodation costs just 5€ per day, and the rooms either have 1 or 2 girls per room, depending on many girls are working at the time.


Dress Code



There is no dress code here, you can wear what you want.





Flights are refunded after 6 weeks of work (only in Europe).


Best time to go



Peak Season: The busiest months are December, January and February, and the season ends at the end of March. The winter months are usually the best months.

Slow Season: March to the middle of June.

Summer Season: From the middle of June onwards.


Club Photos


To work in this club, contact Chris on…

WhatsApp: +447534788464.