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Portsmouth Strip Club


This strip club is in the city centre of Portsmouth and it is available to anyone who is legally allowed to work. If you do not have experience, don’t worry as this lap dancing venue offers training to all girls.


Opening Times



It is open from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am, 7 Days per week in Portsmouth.


House Fees



The house fee is usually £40 but if you have a bad night, you will not go home with less than 50% of what you made. They have a tiered / staggered system for the house fee. They try to make it fair by doing things like this.

£100 earnings – 25% commission = £25  – £25 hf.

£120 earnings – 25% = £30 commission – £30 hf.

£140 earnings – 25% = £35 commission, – £35 hf.

£160+ earnings – 25% = £40 commission (if £160 earnings) – £40 hf.


Dance Commission



This Portsmouth club charges just 25%, so you keep 75%.


Average Earnings



£100 – £500 per night, but some girls make up to £1,000.


Dress Code



Long dresses before midnight and short dresses or lingerie thereafter.





Basic pole training and stage show training to beginners in Portsmouth for £10 per lesson.





Auditions are held before the club opens and you should wear a tight top and hot pants with heels.


Drinks Commission / Consummation





Contact Rule



There is a strictly NO CONTACT rule at this club.




Portsmouth Club AccommodationThere is accommodation available above the club in Portsmouth for £20 per room, per night . Room are shared, 2 girls per room at £10 each girl. Service fee of £10 per girl per week.











VIP from £100 for 15 minutes, £180 for 30 minutes, £350 for 60 minutes. But you can charge more if you want.


Club Photos


To work in this club, contact Chris on…

WhatsApp: +447534788464.