Strip Club Paris


There are a few strip clubs in Paris and we work with the best ones. This venue is available to anyone who is allowed to work legally. If you have ever been to this amazing city, then you will probably agree that Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world. However, there is much more to this place that just that. This club offers entertainment as the area has a vibrant nightlife in this modern cosmopolitan metropolis. If you would like to work here, please get in touch: WhatsApp +44 7534 788 464.

Strip club contracts for Paris


Dancers are required to work a minimum of 5 days per week in Paris, the maximum being 6 nights if you are living in the dancers accommodation.

If you are not, you can work half time at 4 nights minimum per week.


Starting times are arranged into shifts

10.00 pm ready for 10.30 pm.

11.00 pm ready for 11.30 pm.

At the weekend, the club has a third shift:

12.00am ready for 12.30 am.

Normal closing hours are between 4.00 am and 6.00 am.



The way that they work in Paris is the dancers pay roughly 5 tickets to the club per night, but new dancers don’t pay anything until the dance manager feels they are settled in and making money here.



Contracts in this club are a minimum of 2 weeks but preferably 1 month and a maximum of 1 year.



All accounts are done monthly. Dancers are paid by cheque or bank transfer. You will receive with there pay a Fiche de Paye. Dancers on the E101 system can be paid on departure.


Strip club stage shows for Paris


The stage shows are topless only and last for 3 songs. Dancers will go on stage on average between 3 and 5 times per night. Dancers can bring in their own music. You can give it to the DJ’s and they will do their best to accommodate you. They are always open to dancers performing individual themed shows.



Dancers are required to bring the correct costumes and dresses in this club for certain nights. They usually don’t change this around too much in Paris as they want the dancers to get a lot of use out of their costumes.



Monday: Long Dress Any Colour.

Tuesday: Long Bright Coloured Dress.

Wednesday: School Girl Costume.

Thursday: Black Lingerie with stockings.

Friday: Red Lingerie with stockings.

Saturday: White long dress.



They do not give dancers money on the alcohol as in France it is Not legal. When a dancer does a Private VIP Room Minimum 20 mins, the club will give the client a free bottle of champagne. This makes it much easier for the Dancer to sell to the client making her more money. All soft drinks are free for dancers. Dancers are charged 1 ticket for an alcoholic drink in Paris.



1 Ticket = 11€ NET (French System).

1 Ticket=14€ NET (E101 System).

1 Tableside Topless Dance = 1 Ticket (1 Song).

1 Private Nude dance= 2 Tickets (1 Song) in a private cabin.

1 VIP 20 minutes (nude) = 10 Tickets (20 Minutes).

Dancers takings per month average between 3,000€ NET up to 10,000€ NET and above. It greatly depends on the dancers motivation and drive.



The club has accommodation in Paris of 20€ per day. It is located 100 yards away on the same street in the centre of the city. A cleaning service, Towel service and sheet service is available and free of charge. Dancers are not allowed to bring guests to stay at the accommodation.


Strip club rules for Paris


The club briefs all new dancers on the basic club rules on arrival as they like to show them around at the same time, introducing them to the staff (DJ’s etc), also showing them where everything is.

The most important Rules

No Prostitution.

No Drugs.

No Vulgarity.

All Dancer Cabins, the dancers lodge and communal areas are under constant recorded video surveillance.



The club is located in the Centre of Paris and they are 2 minutes from Shops, Sports salons, Cafes, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Parks etc. Everything you need is just outside of your door.



It is very important for the club and for the dancer that she’s spends time on her appearance. For any advice or locations of hairdressers , beauty salons, please ask the house mum; she is there to help with anything that you may need during you time there.


This is the Premier table dancing club in France and they do their best to ensure that their working environment is high class as they want dancers to feel that they are working in a safe and secure environment. The price will remain the same for the dancer as their club fee plus their accommodation cost will all go on their accommodation. Dancers need to bring the following costumes the themed nights…

Fantasy costume.

Red lingerie.

Fetish costume (such as corsets or lingerie in leather or vinyl or rubber,masks boots etc).

A long white dress.

A choice of long or short dresses.

Dancers striptease shoes.

Costume Jewellery.



E101 is now called the A1 system and it is a way in which girls who are European can work self employed and pay their own tax in their country. This means that the club doesn’t have to pay as much and therefore, you can take 14€ instead of 11 per pink ticket.

This paper is easy for some to get and difficult for others, but it is best you pretend you have already been working for at least 3 months at this club (the club will agree to this story), otherwise the embassy normally tells the dancer to come back after that 3 month period. The club will back date the contract if needed. You apply for it when you are over there, but you need to arrange it yourself. Until, you receive the A1, you will be put on the French System and pay tax accordingly.


The French System is where the club pays the dancer through France meaning that you are declared in France country. Your taxes are paid and each month you will receive an Fiche de Pay.

This shows you the tax payments etc.

Through the French system, you would be paid 11€ per ticket.

This paper is great for dancers planning on staying a long time in France as with this you are entitled to health care, you can open a bank account or rent an apartment etc. Also, should you stop working one day but stay in France you can claim back around 70 percent of your earnings for a year or more so it’s very useful. But if you are passing through (staying for a short time) then the E101 or now called A1 is very good.

The club can take your rent from your tickets each month too.

Dancers with an E101 (A1) can be paid on departure, but dancers who are paid through the French System are paid the first week of each month as the accounts are done at the end of each month like every business in France.

They are a very legal club.



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To work in this club, contact Chris on…

WhatsApp: +447534788464.