Strip Club Los Angeles


This strip club in Los Angeles offers lap dancing 7 days per week. They have day shifts and night shifts for performers.

There are no house fees as such, but they do have tip out which is quite low and some girls make more than the average earnings. There isn’t a fixed salary for this club, but they do have accommodation for dancers wanting to work for this Los Angeles venue. This club accepts only the most beautiful girls (sexy model type).


OPENING TIMES On Thursday nights, dancers must be at club and ready to work, no later than 9:00 pm – 3:00am. On Friday & Saturday nights, dancers must be at club and ready to work, no later than 10:00 pm – 4:00am. On all other optional shifts, dancers may schedule themselves on any available shift. All dancers must work Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.



5 songs = $200, 30 minute.
$350 & 45 minute / $450.



In California, the strip clubs are not allowed to sell alcohol. However, some drinks are allowed, and you make $2 commission if you sell them.



1 song day price is $41.

1 song night is $51.



Summer is the most popular and is overrun with tourists. In Los Angeles, January through April is least busy. Theme parks are busy any time kids are out of school and especially during the Christmas holidays.




All dances are fully nude

Single Nude Lap Dance: $51 ($25 dancer + tip / $26 customer).

3 Song VIP Nude Lap Dance: $136 ($65 dancer + tip / $71 customer).

5 Song SKYBOX Nude Lap Dance: $210 ($100 dancer + tip / $110 customer).

30 Minute VIP Nude Lap Dance: $400 ($200 dancer + tip / $200 customer) Equals 10 songs.

45 Minute VIP Nude Lap Dance: $500 ($250 dancer + tip / $250 customer) Equals 15 songs.

60 Minute HEAVEN Nude Lap Dance: $750 ($375 dancer + tip / $375 customer) Equals 20 songs.


Strip club fixed salary in Los Angeles


There is no fixed salary in this club. Dancers work as independent contractors.



2 minutes, 45 seconds.



Customers buy ‘Chips’ and pay for their dances with them. When you cash your ‘Chips’ in at the end of the night, the chips will be exchanged for cash. you get paid every night after work.



If you have worked for our agency before and are reliable, the club can buy your ticket and you pay back out of your salary. There are a limited number of parking spaces in a secure gated garage that are available on a “first come, first serve basis”. They provide emergency pick-up & return rides when necessary, but most girls use taxi’s to get to and from work.



It is normal in the USA to tip the DJ, floor, and door staff which is called tip out. Typical tips range from $0.25 – $1 per dance.



This club hires experienced dancers and beginners between 18 and 27 years of age. However, if you have exceptional looks, they may accept older dancers. Please send good quality, full body shot selfie photos only. This is a fully nude venue where girls walk around naked. Training is given.



2 girls per room, priced at $150 per week in Los Angeles + $50 key deposit (refunded when the key is returned). The accommodation is about 8 – 10 minutes away from the club.  The accommodation is in a safe, suburban area that is minutes from shops, stores, Starbucks, gyms & restaurants. It is only 30 minutes drive from world famous Hermosa & Manhattan Beaches and minutes from the typical tourist attractions, in and around Hollywood, California. It is also close to the world famous Venice Beach.


CONTRACT The minimum stay is for 2 weeks, but you can stay for as long as you visa allows.


SHIFTS Dancers need to work 4 shifts per week, including Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each shift is only 6 hours.



Dancers are required to work the floor nude and the only time dancers are allowed to wear clothing is for the purpose of stripping out of that clothing when they are performing on stage. At all other times, while working, dancers are required to be nude. While working, all dancers are allowed to have any meal from our menu and all of their drinks for free. All stage attire must be clean and in, “like new,” condition. Otherwise, it’s up to the performer. Most dancers wear costumes, lingerie or bikinis. During the holidays, we encourage the dancers to strip out of costumes in the theme of the season.



The club does not take tax from your money.


BONUSES Dancers may be eligible for additional money bonuses too. Ask the manager when you arrive for more information.


TIPS Dancers keep 100% of their tip money. The club will not charge commission on this.


STAGE SHOWS The club has a pole on the stage, and so do the smaller stages. You do 2 songs and they are topless during the 1st song and then, nude for the 2nd song. Or you may perform both songs, fully nude. 


CONTACT All dances at our club are Lap Dances and therefore, there is contact with the customers.


AVERAGE EARNINGS The average earnings are $8,600 to as much as $25,000 (take home ‘your money’). Most of the customers that visit this club are successful businessmen, sports celebrities or people in the entertainment industry because they are just 2 minutes form the airport. They don’t really have slow nights, so most nights are pretty good. In this club, customers spend much more than in others clubs. It is very rare that this club is quiet, even in the week. If dancers make less than $500 per night, then something is not right, because the money is there so you should make more than that. This is a quality club, so they have very high standards, and expect only the best dancers to work there.


OTHER INFORMATION This club has been featured in many movies and TV programs including: “dude where’s my car”, “City of industry” etc.




To work in this club, contact Chris on…

WhatsApp: +447534788464.