London Strip Club

Club Conditions



This strip club is right in the centre of London city and has mostly business people as customers. These bankers and other professionals work in the city and visit this club due to its location in the heart of the capital. There is also accommodation available.


Opening Times



20:00 to 04:00 Monday to Friday.

Saturday and Sunday they are closed because because most London business people work during the week only.


House Fees



£45 per night before 8:00 pm or £55 thereafter. If you are planning to stay for a while, then it will be £130 per week (minimum 3 days per week). House fees in London must be paid on arrival, not after work.


Club System



All customers pay for dances and tips either on card or cash. Cash payments are converted into vouchers to use in the club for dances and tips.


Dance Prices



£20 Dances (girls get £15, the club gets £5). Songs are 1 dance.

VIP 30 minutes £220 (girls get £90).

VIP 1 hour £380 (girls get £180).




This is a fully nude London lap dancing club.


Stage Shows



All stage shows are topless only.


Dress Code



Long dress before 10 and short after, no lingerie at any time (unless private).





£150 per week, or per night it is £35 per person, not per room but discounts available for friends. You will have your own room, but can share the room to make the price cheaper.





You need to buy your own flight to London and then take a taxi or tube to the club.


Pay Day



Payments for everything including dances and tips etc get processed at the end of work on Wednesdays. Pay weeks from Monday to Friday. If you need money before pay day and have earned money in London that night on dances and/or tips, the you can get some of this as an advance. But this is only for voucher payments, not credit card transactions.


Club Photos


To work in this club, contact Chris on…

WhatsApp: +447534788464.