Lafayette Strip Club

Club Conditions



This gentlemens venue is a strip club situated in Lafayette. It is available for lap dancers and exotic dancers from around the world. They have a very nice house available free of charge if you work 5 days or more per week. Working in Lafayette may not be the first place you would think of, but it is a great place to work.


Opening Times



Monday to Saturday  7:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Sunday the club is closed.


House Fees



Please see ‘tip out’ below.


Dance Prices



Private Lap Dances: $30.


Dance Commission



Dancers get $25 in this Lafayette strip club. The house gets $5.





3 mins.





Dancers make $75 every 15 minutes (no commission to pay on VIP except credit cards which are 15%).





$40 total per night for security, house mom, bar & DJ. Tip out is the American term for House Fee or Floor Fee.


Daily Fixed Salary



There is no daily fixed salary in Lafayette. Actually, strip clubs in the USA don’t usually offer this.


Average Earnings



$500 to $1,000 per night.


Dress Code



Dresses, costume or gowns.





There is free accommodation available with WIFI for girls that work 5 days per week. If you do not work 5 days, then the rooms are priced at $100 per night. 2 girls per room in a house with 6 bedrooms. 11 beds. 4 baths, 3 miles from the club. The club also provides free transport to and from work in Lafayette.





Your travel expenses are refunded after a 21 day contract (up to $400).


Club Photos


To work in this club, contact Chris on…

WhatsApp: +447534788464.