Strip Club Epsom


This strip club in Epsom is small, but purpose ready for all discerning clients. There are not many lap dancing venues in this area, but this one is is open at the weekends and we can book your shifts to work there. In fact, this is club is the only one that currently exists in Epsom.

Unfortunately, there is no accommodation available, but it is available for short and long contracts from anyone within the EU. This venue is available to all those girl who want lap dance jobs in England. If you have any questions about the conditions, or if you would like to book some shifts here then please let us know.


Strip club conditions for working in Epsom

OPENING TIMES The opening times is Monday to Friday: 8:00 pm to 2:00 am (arrive at the club by 7:00 pm).


DANCE PRICES The dance prices here start at £20.00. The dances are full nude but only in the dance room and do not do table side dancing. When on the pole the dancers are clothed, scantily but still clothed.


DANCE COMMISSION This venue charges £4.00 commission on dances.


DRINKS COMMISSION You will get 15% on Champagne (you can offer customers an extra 15% off Champagne on the menu price as an incentive for customers to buy, but you still get your 15% off).


House fees in Epsom

HOUSE FEE / FLOOR FEE This club charges a house of just £20.


DRESS CODE Long dresses are required until midnight then from 12:00 am until 2:00am in Epsom. French knickers and bra’s or sexy underwear are acceptable, but no G – Strings are to be worn.


AVERAGE EARNINGS The average earnings here are between £100.00 to £400.00 depending on the day, with sit downs on top of that.


VIP £130.00 (30 minutes – Commission £30.00).

£230.00 (1 hour – Commission £70). 1 hour price includes Champagne.


IDENTIFICATION You must bring photo I.D. with you and your work permit and visa if you are not from the UK.

This is a strict no contact club in Epsom.




Epsom Strip Club









To work in this club, contact Chris on…

WhatsApp: +447534788464.