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We rated this strip club in Copenhagen 5 stars because they pay correctly, and it is well managed. It is a place where you can make decent money too and there are lots of interesting places to visit in the city. Most strippers can make between 5,000€ to 10,000€ per month.

This Champagne club is the best of the bunch by far! The conditions for this adult entertainment venue in Copenhagen are worth checking out because this is a great place to work. There is a real chance to make good money here. Ask anyone that has worked here before, and they will tell you that not only are the club conditions are great, but this venue in general is a great place to work.

Strip club conditions for Copenhagen


The salary for each show is DKK 150/20€/£18.

There is a 15% commission in salary from all Champagne and lady drink sold by you.

The payment takes place at the first week day of the new month.

Every show on stage is 2 songs, and they are fully nude. You take your clothes off during those two songs and everything at the end (only for the last 10 – 15 seconds). This is an exclusive strip club with exclusive shows in Copenhagen. But everything has come off, not just down over the hips.

The bartender makes a list and tells you when it’s time to go on stage, in no special order. If you are sitting with a guest, they only take you when you’ve been with him for a while and after the show you return to the guest.

If you are trying to sell a Champagne, they’re not gonna take you away from the guest, they will wait until later. If you’ve had too much champagne, the club will not put you on stage, they don’t want you to have an accident. The number of shows in Copenhagen depends on how many guests they have.



A shared room up to maximum 2 girls in one room (occasionally 3 if the club is very full) DKK 3,500/400€/£358 per month, per person.

Single Room DKK 4,000/537€/£477 per month, per person.

If you are not staying in the apartment, there is a floor fee of DKK 1,000/134€/£119 per month, that includes the above.

The apartment is just around the corner from the club, and it takes just 1 minute to get home after work. The apartment in Copenhagen is 500 square metres.


Topless lap dances in Copenhagen




For 1 song lasting about 4 to 5 minutes, it costs DKK 150/20€/£18 (this is what you earn).

For 2 songs lasting about 8 minutes, it is priced at DKK 300/40€/£36 (this is what you earn).

3 songs lasting for 10 to 12 minutes, costs DKK 500/67€/£60 (this is what you earn).



2 songs cost 300 DKK/40€/£36 for 8 minutes (this is what you earn).

3 songs are priced at 450 DKK/60€/£54 for 10 – 12 minutes (this is what you earn).

5 songs are DKK 750/100€/£89 for 15 – 20 minutes (this is what you earn).



You can arrive at the club at 20:30 to get ready, and they open at 21.00. In Copenhagen, you have to be ready and in the bar on time and not be late.



Drinking champagne with guest is allowed, but no beer etc. They have the biggest variety of champagne. There are fixed prices on Champagne, starting from DKK 1,000/134€/£119 to DKK 590,000/79,200€/£70,200.

There are special package deals on all the champagnes, earnings on package is from 750 DKK and up if the guest wants longer time in the private, starting from DKK 2,500, where the girl gets commission of the champagne and money for the lap dance. And with champagne prices in the club are up to DKK 590,000, the girls can make really good money in Copenhagen. Lap dance details are explained in detail upon arrival.



The dress code here is long, sexy dresses (minimum to the knees). On weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) at 02:00 and at the weekend (Friday and Saturday) at 03:00, you can change to more light clothes, lingerie style etc. If your dress goes to the knees as a cocktail dress, but keeps going up when you walk, then it’s not long enough and you will be asked to change.  A small top and a skirt is not accepted as a dress.



Dancers that shout or fight in the club will not be allowed to stay working. It is not permitted for any dancer to steal another dancers’ guests in Copenhagen. If you are sitting with a guest, it’s your guest, and the same with other girls. Only when a girl leaves him, not for the toilet, but leaves him, you can go down to him.

Or if the customer or the girl invites you to the table. At the club there is a big dressing/changing room, lockers and shower. They provide you with a locker and a safe (50 kr) so you can have your things at the club. You can drink soft drinks, coffee and buy Red Bull at staff price 15 kr. They also have chips and food at the club so you can get something to eat during the night.


It’s not allowed to go out with guests, making special deals or meeting with guests outside the club. Any kind of sexual activity is totally forbidden in Copenhagen and will result in immediate exclusion from the club. It’s allowed to be topless in the private, but not taking off your thong or the guests pants. No touching private parts and no kissing. No grabbing or crawling all over the guest. If he wants a private he has to pay to go in the private room, not in the club.




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