Strip Club Cape Town


This gentlemen’s venue is the best strip club in Cape Town. It is a great place and what is booming right now is the adult nightclubs business. This city is a safe, world class tourist destination and this club is right in the middle of it. This place in Cape Town is friendly and it has passionate people from all over the world. Make $7,000 (5,900€) to $15,000 (12,600€) per month.

This venue is the best in the country and it has been trading since 2001. It is internationally recognized for its high standard of ladies and quality of service. This club has 3 floors of plush leather couches and deep wood. It is welcoming and vibrant and has a sophisticated atmosphere. This place offers customers table dances, private lap and private VIP Fantasy dances in 4 separate lounges with private booths.

Best strip club in Cape Town


The accommodation is very clean, comfortable and secure for dancers only. There is a pool deck, two full kitchens, laundry facilitates and internet.



South Africa’s currency is the Rand or ZAR.  At the time of writing exchange rates are R12 to $1, R14 to 1 Euro. Dancers make their money in Rands in this club.



All dancers must do a fantasy show (full strip) as well as a normal stage pole dancing (topless). All dancers working in Cape Town must have their own beautiful costumes but they are assisted with the fantasy show outfit.


Working in strip club in Cape Town


You are self employed, so the money you make in this club is yours. They do not pay salary and there is no a ticketing system.



South African’s pay R2,400 levy per week with additional R850 if they stay in the accommodation.

Non South Africans pay R3,250 (232 Euros) per week which includes accommodation.



This venue has a hairdresser, a stage manager and a choreographer to assist with shows. The club also has a pole dance teacher during the day which you pay additional for if you want it. There is a House Mom who assists you when you arrive in Cape Town, and will help you settle in (mobile phones, where to shop for food, doctor, gym etc.)



Peak season is October through to April and earnings are usually between $7,000 (5,900€) to $15,000 (12,600€) per month.



You must pay for your own travel, but the club does collect you from the airport. Discuss special requests. Visa costs may apply. Details discussed on application.



Bring elegant, classy, sparkly, colourful, fun & professional looking costumes & gowns when working in Cape Town. Bring sexy lingerie / dresses to work. There is a lady that sells shoes and costumes in the club.



You have no fixed contract so are free to dance for as long as you want, but we recommend you stay 3 months to maximise the money you make to pay for your travel costs etc.



Work is 5 nights per week with one night off per week and closed on a Sunday. Dancers must arrive 6:50 pm at club – club opens at 7:00 pm. The club closes at 4:00 am.



Smoking is permitted only in smoking areas.



This is a Gentlemen’s / strip club and sexual services are NOT permitted.


Stage shows in Cape Town


Stage dancing is on a rotation of two songs per stage, second song topless. Stage dancing is topless, with stage shows full nude.



Private and table dances are nude. VIP fantasy dance is touch dance above waist only.


Dancers make from each dance (after club booth fees):

  • Table Dance for 6 minutes: R300 (21.42 Euros).
  • Private Lap Dance for 6 minutes: R250 (17.86 Euros).
  • VIP Lounges:

Fantasy Dance: R 800 per 15 minutes.

VIP Library Lounge. Fantasy Dance: R 2000 for 30 minutes.



They have over 136 cameras and they are in every dance booth to make sure you are safe and sticking to the rules.



French champagne sold, dancers gets 20% commission.

No other commission is paid for drinks.



The accommodation is apartment style next door to the club. This is a full self-catering with satellite TV, swimming pool, kitchens, laundry facilities, pay as you need internet access etc.




Cape Town Strip Club








To work in this club, contact Chris on…WhatsApp: +447534788464.