New York Club Munich

This strip venue is quite far out of Munich, and it is a Burlesque venue called New York club. They lie, cheat and deceive, so don’t trust them. They do not pay salary, even though they promise to pay it. The rooms are unsecured and men come inside at night. New York burlesque should not be allowed to continue trading, because they are extremely unprofessional and not a good place to visit.


PLEASE NOTE: We no longer work with this venue because they cheat.


Opening Times

Tuesday to Thursday 10:00 pm – 4:00 am, Friday & Saturday 10:00 pm – 6:00 am in Munich.


Average Earnings in Munich

Most girls can make over 4,000€ per month.


New York Burlesque Club MunichHouse Fees / Floor Fees

There are no floor or house fees in this club.


Dance Prices in New York Burlesque Club

Private dances are 50€ and are topless only (not nude).


Dance Commission



How long are the private dances?

2 songs.


Pay Day in New York Club

You get paid every day including fixed salary and commission.


Type of Club

This venue in Munich is a burlesque, but you will do table dances and private dances only.



You keep 100% of your tips.Also the fix.


New York Club MunichDrinks Commission

Picollo 69€ (dancers get 30€).

Champagne 320€ (dancers get 120€).

Lady Cocktail 39€.



VIP Prices

From 290€ up to 4,000€.


Fixed Salary for New York Burlesque




Dancers do not have to pay tax to this Munich club.


Dress Code

Elegant, long dress.


Accommodation in Munich

There is accommodation for just 50€ a week and there are 1 to 3 girls sharing. The accommodation is totally equipped with kitchen, washing machine, dryer, shower & WIFI. Everything is there, so no need for you to bring your own bed linen. It is only about 200 metres walking distance from the club.


Airport & Travel

You need to pay for your own flights to Munich Airport. They can pick you up from the airport, but not near Octoberfest. The airport is 20 minutes to the accommodation.



To work in this club, contact Chris on…

WhatsApp: +447534788464.