Moulin Bleu Queens Athens

Address: Moulin Bleu Queens, Athinon Avenue, 250 Palataki Haidari, Athens, Greece.


The opening times of this venue is not something you want to know. Avoid this Strip Club which is based in the city of Athens as they cheat everyone! Like many badly run venues in this area, Moulin Bleu Queens is no different, except they are one of the most frustrating that I have ever worked with.


They have bad management and not only are the unprofessional, but they cheat people as well. They cheat the agents and the girls and. Moulin Bleu Queens promise people everything to get the girls, then the exact opposite happens.



Avoid working with Moulin Bleu Queens Strip Club 

This venue scam, lie and cheat and we avoid everybody to avoid this place. Not only have they not paid me any money owed, but they constantly contact me to send girls to Moulin Bleu Queens still.


They say even though they haven’t paid me the money they owe, they promise to pay me next time I have sent dancers to them again. I have offered them a reduction in the amount they can pay back, but still they promise to pay but never do.



Dancers cannot make money in Moulin Bleu Queens 

It is highly unlikely that you will make decent money in this Moulin Bleu Queens Strip Club. not only does Athens have one of the worst economies in Europe, but this venue is also one of the worst run clubs in Europe too. If you want to make money, do not work with this badly run and mismanaged Lap Dancing venue!