Madame Amour Copenhagen

This venue is called Madame Amour and it used to be a good place to work in Copenhagen. These days, it is also known as Cristal Club and it is a shadow of what it used to be. They take too much money from most girls that work in Madame Amour, and you end up with very little. They confuse you with giving you complicated tax excuses, but the truth is, this Copenhagen venue cheats.


Please Note: We no longer work with this strip club.


Cristal Club CopenhagenThis venue has a nice FREE apartment with WIFI and they also have rooms in a 3 star hotel if needed. It’s really not worth a visit here if you don’t want to be cheated. 



Fixed Salary at Madame Amour Club

You get 70€ per day, but you have to pay tax on this. This is of course, if they pay you correctly.



Guaranteed Earnings

Madame Amour guarantees that dancers a minimum of 3,750 DKK (500€) per week of working i.e. if the dancer earns 400€ from commissions of consummation of Champagne and dances, The Club will top up with 100€. Once again, the money is usually wrong.



Exercising near Madame Amour Copenhagen

There is a gym nearby.



Cristal Club AccommodationAverage Earnings 

Most dancers at Madame Amour make between 1,500€ to 3,500€ per week, but you rarely see that much because they take a lot it.



Tax System for Madame Amour

You must pay tax in Copenhagen and the club will make the tax papers for you. These prices are calculated before payout on commissions, fixed salary and other monies. Tax is 8% of your income up to 43,000 DKK (5,782€) every month. Thereafter (from amount exceeding 43,000DKK) tax is 37%.


After that it is 37% on the extra money that has been made at Madame Amour. For example: If you made 25,000 DKK, then you must pay 8% tax on the first 20,000 DKK and then 37% tax on the other 5,000 DKK. 


Contract for Madame Amour

The duration of the contract is 1 month minimum.


Drinks Commission 

15% on all champagne sales (prices from 2,500 DKK (336€) per bottle and from that cheapest bottle dancer gets 15% commission 375DKK (50€), and prices of Champagne bottles range up to at least 50,000DKK (6,720€) dancer s at Madame Amour get 15 % commission 7,500DKK (1,000€). From other drinks (lady drinks, coupes or any non-alcoholic drinks) commission is not paid.




Tips received from customers in cash, have to be handed over to the bar. you keep 100% of all your tips which is paid out every morning.



Dance Commission for Madame Amour

Lap Dance for 1 song (topless only) 26€ (200 DKK) to the dancer.

Private Dance for 2 songs (full strip) 40€ (300 DKK) to the dancer.

Private Dances at Madame Amour for 3 songs (full strip) 70€ (500 DKK) to the dancer.



Commission of “Special Offers”:
1 Song Table Dance       (only topless) 200 DKK for the dancer.

2. Song Private Dance        (full strip)     300 DKK for the dancer.

15 Minutes Private Show     (full strip)    500 DKK for the dancer.

1 Dancer V.I.P room          (full strip)                700 DKK for the dancer.

2 Dancers V.I.P room  (full strip)    1,000 DKK shared 1/2 if 2 dancers.

3 Dancers V.I.P room  (full strip)    1,500 DKK shared 1/3 if 3 dancers.



VIP Room Commission 

25 minutes in the VIP room (full strip) is 95€ (700 DKK) to the dancer.

45 minutes in the VIP room (full strip) is 135€ (1,000 DKK) to the dancer.

60 minutes in the VIP room (full strip) is 200€ (1,500 DKK) to the dancer.


This is the money you will get after you paid commission to the club.



Commission of Private Dance with Champagne Sale 

25 minutes (full strip), you will get 66€ (500 DKK) + 15% for the champagne too. The minimum earning at Madame Amour for 1 private dance for 25 minutes and the cheapest Champagne is 110€ (800 DKK) to the dancer. Earnings from Private shows are paid out every morning.

Please Note: Dancers can sell a private dance show only together with a bottle of Champagne, and the cheapest bottle is 2,500DKK (336€) up to 50,000, DKK (6,720€) Private dance shows are fully nude. The duration of private dance shows depends on how long it takes to drink the champagne or the agreement between dancer and the customer.  There is music in the private rooms.


Working Hours 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 20.00 to 04:00.

Friday and Saturday: 20:00 to 06:00.

Sundays and Mondays the club is closed.




Customers are allowed to touch the top half only in Denmark. All girls must work 5 nights per week.




You can get an advanced payment every week which is deducted from your earnings.



Strip Club CopenhagenAccommodation 

There is FREE a newly renovated apartment available for dancers working at Madame Amour and it is only about 1 minute away from the club. There is a kitchen in the apartment as well as a bathroom and a common living area.


It has a flat screen TV and the whole apartment has free WIFI. The apartment will be shared by 4 other girls but the bedrooms are large.


Madame Amour can also provide accommodation in a newly renovated 3 star hotel if needed free of charge. They are shared double rooms and it is only about 2 minutes walk from the club.



Dancers must pay for their own travel.




Stage Shows, Table Dance, Private Dance, Lap Dance are all present at Madame Amour.

Private Show: Combined with Champagne – 70€ for Dancer – in Cash – No Tax – Paid out every morning.


There are 3 types of shows: Stage Shows, Table Dance, Private Dance.

You will perform a maximum of 5 stage shows per night which is only 1 song. the club provides the music for the shows but you can provide your own songs if you want to. All dances end in a flash (full nude at the very end, for the last few seconds). You will get 100 DKK for each stage show.



What to expect on your first day in Madame Amour Club 

When you arrive, you will need to take a taxi to either the apartment or the hotel. The taxi will cost about 40€ and you can change your money in the airport. The other girls at the apartment will take good care of you and take you to Madame Amour Club in the evening. When you get inside of the club, a staff member will show you to the dressing room.


After you have got changed, the house mum will have a chat with you and explain the club rules and show you around the club. Then you will be ready to start making lots of money in the best club in Copenhagen!


Special Offers: Earnings from 30€ – 100€ – for Dancers – Minus Maximum 8% Tax.


You don’t have to bring towels, bed linen or music for stage shows as the club will provide them for free!



Dress Code

The dancers can only wear long evening dress and semi long evening dress in the club. , in the private room – club will provide tube dress for the dancer. Dancers have to wear high heel platform shoes, evening makeup, long manicured nails and well styled, clean hair.