Heaven Lapdance Magaluf

Be very aware. Heaven Lapdance Magaluf in Mallorca is very dodgy and I worked with them for 2 years.


It is very advisable to remember the name of this strip club as they tend to open the club and close it when they want to cheat people.


Heaven Lapdance are now a Blacklisted Club because closed the club without any warning and did not pay the girls, the staff or me. One of the managers successfully sued the owner for the money he owed her.


He then opened up again the next season with new staff. If you want to work in a strip club, then I strongly recommend you to not work at this one. Otherwise, you could end up being cheated as well.


Heaven Lapdance MagalufREVIEW: A venue that scams people, avoid at all costs!

Lap Dancing Clubs in this area are few and far between, however, there are some. Heaven Club is in the Balearics, near Ibiza and is a very big tourist population in the summer.


This one unfortunately cheated me and then closed. However, if you have a venue that you would like dancers for then please let us know: +44 (0)7923 210 681.