Fantasy Club Cheltenham

Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club are on the Blacklist because they refused to pay me. Therefore, I cannot recommend this Cheltenham venue to anyone!



Fantasy Club Cheltenham have attractive things such as accommodation etc. The problem is, this Strip Club is not all that it seems to be.



Ultimate Fantasy SwindonThis place has cheated money from one of my girls and they didn’t pay me either, be careful!


They took a lot of money from a dancer saying it was to pay the agent, but Fantasy Club Cheltenham didn’t pay me with that money.




Unpaid invoices with Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club Cheltenham fantasy-club-swindon

I can only tell you what Fantasy Club did to me.


The Cheltenham adult venue had a few girls here and there, then the bill got high.


They made an excuse and tried to get away with not paying it all. As adult clubs go in this area, there’s not exactly a lot of choice.


However, my dancer also had problems with them. All in all, I have to say that it wasn’t a great experience at all working with Fantasy Club as they kept some of my money.



Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club CheltenhamThis Gentlemen’s Club Cheltenham also booked girls into their accommodation.


Then after the girls had bought their flights, the club told me that they are not giving the rooms to them because their regular girls want them. My dancers lost their money on their flights because of this.