Crystal Club Aarhus

This strip club is called Crystal and it is recruiting dancers now. This venue in Aarhus is looking for lap dancers in the second largest in Denmark. This venue recruits performers from within the European Union. Crystal Club Aarhus is walking distance to most things including the forest, the harbour and the beach.


When I say walking distance, I mean within a bicycle ride of less than fifteen minutes. This strip club has a great reputation with dancers and its customers. It is also a clean club so there is no sex.


Angels CopenhagenThe benefits of working in Crystal Club Aarhus 

There are benefits to performers that come to work in this place as they tend to enjoy the snow and as a break from the same old things in their home country. Come to this place and try this venue out in the winter or snow, as it is open all year round.


Club Location 

Aarhus, Denmark.


Name of Club 

The name of this strip club is called Crystal Club.


Opening Times 

Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.


What is the dress code in Crystal Club 

Short and long elegant dress.


Dance Prices 

From 100 (two songs 7 to 8 minutes full nude).



Champagne drinks 20%. 

Lapdances / Private Shows: 50%.

Tips 50%.


Dress Code

The clothing style should be elegant, long and short dresses.



The club owns a 2 storey building with 2 apartments inside that you can live in and it is FREE. It is 5 minutes walk to the club and it has WIFI too. They are clean and safe.


What are the average earnings in Crystal Club 

The average earnings are about 1,500 Euros per week, but you can earn more if you are good at your job!


How busy is the club 

This is a busy club, and you can make decent money here. I recommend you to work in this one!  



The minimum contract is 4 weeks.



You need to arrange your own flights, as the club does not pay for them.


Stage Shows 

3 to 5 shows per night. Two songs 7 to 8 minutes, topless.


From the airport 

The club will send a driver to pick you up from the Aarhus train station (main central station). The nearest airport is Aarhus International Airport. You will need to take the train from the airport to Aarhus train station. It is not difficult to find.  A taxi would cost around €15.


Crystal Club has stage shows 

You will need to perform 3 to 5 stage shows per night.


Club Photos 

There are club photos available upon request.


Pay Day (when you get paid) 

The club pays out every Wednesday.


Fixed Salary 

70 Euro per night.



No escorting or other sexual services are allowed in the club.


Do they except Non-EU girls?

Yes, if they have a visa and work permit.



Tax (Danish Tax System) in Crystal Club

You must pay tax in Aarhus and the club will make the tax papers for you. Tax is 8% of your income up to 10,000 to 20,000 DKK every month.


After that it is 37% on the extra money that has been made. For example: If you made 25,000 DKK in Crystal Club then you must pay 8% tax on the first 20,000 DKK and then 37% tax on the other 5,000 DKK.