Club Minx Gloucester

Club Minx are Blacklisted because they cheated us. This strip club in Gloucester cheated us by hiring dancers and then not for them and ignoring our calls.


The owner of Club Minx Gloucester boasted to me in person whilst we were drinking in a club in Thailand that he cheated agencies with their fees. It was at that moment I suspected that I was also going to be cheated too. My fears were proven correct because he or his club didn’t pay.


However, putting this aside, this strip club are a lingerie venue that provides lap dances. But anyone who is drunk / using bad language etc, or know to them will not be allowed to enter.


Avoid working with Club Minx 

Club Minx Gloucester

If you are a dancer and want all your money then avoid working at Club Minx.


If you are an agency and don’t want to get cheated, then steer well clear of this rip off venue!