Club Lapello Dublin

When you check out the Club Lapello website, their information leads you to believe that it is a good strip club. I sent 14 girls from my agency to work in Club Lapello Dublin and all of them had problems in some form or another.


To cut a long story short, this club scammed us. There is never a more deserving club to be on our Blacklist than them!



Lots of complaints about Club Lapello in Dublin 
Club Lapello Dublin

I sent a lot of girls there at the same time. My phone was ringing off the hook with angry girls complaining that Lapello were cheating them and not paying them what they were owed.

I emailed the club many times and called them to no avail. Needless to say, this venue in Dublin didn’t pay any monies that were owed to me either and nor did they pay the girls half of the flight money that they promised or money that was owed to them. Club Lapello are absolute scammers!