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Become a star on webcam reality TV

Big Brother for Webcam

Rasputin Online is a premium, fresh concept in Entertainment for Adults. taking two existing and proven mediums those being Online Voyeurism and Live Cam Entertainment, combining the two and delivering them on a single platform. From our customised broadcast studio, our models will both live their daily lives in-house and on camera broadcast live in HD 24/7 (that’s the Voyeur part. Think Big Brother or Dom2), and also perform live shows for our customers via our 30 Live Show Rooms (The Live Cam part).

Join us here (if the signup for doesn’t work, please try using a different web browser).

Within the house we will also have up to 30 Live Show rooms. These live show rooms are private rooms where our models perform on camera broadcast to a live audience. Our customers can watch their favourite Housemate performing a live show and they can then follow them throughout the house in which they live and watch them. eat. sleep, party, workout and go about their daily lives as well as interacting with them on different levels Rasputin Online is set to be a premium live broadcast entertainment centre for adults. Visa’s for Estonia are very easy for many countries. Please click here to check the visa requirements.

If you already are a webcam model, you will be allowed to continue broadcasting to your current webcam site as normal, in addition to broadcasting from our studio at the same time. Cameras are placed in all living areas, party and bar areas, swimming pool, gym and spa areas, the outdoor kitchen and hot tub area and in the bedrooms and bathrooms all of which broadcast live pictures and audio to our paying customers.



Free food, drink and alcohol is provided for everyone.

Also, takeaways/takeout are provided too.




You will live inside of a luxurious, massive big-brother style house with up to 100 live camera’s streaming from around the house.

You will NOT pay for any accommodation or room charges. You live there for free.




Training is provided by a top webcam professional (female). She will teach you how to become a professional webcam model, and only the highest standards will be taught.

You will be given group training on webcam, as well as individual training (in private) to ensure that you are very good at what you do. There will be no pressure, and we insist, that at all time, being in the house should be FUN FUN FUN!


Things you will need

All girls will need to bring their own clothing for the photo shoot, which will be done when you first arrive at the house. This is so that your profile can go live on the website, and we can put you on our blog too. you will need three changes of clothes: 1) lingerie, 2) bikini and 3) a cocktail dress or nightclub outfit. Your other clothes which you will wear in the house will be provided for you.



You will be promoted on our blog, which is going to be produced like a magazine of what happens in the house, and we will show members new girls coming into the house and introduce the housemates to them.

The daily activities of the house and the girls will be blogged there. Every girl that comes inside of the house, will be voted in first on the blog, by our members.


Competition from other girls

Most webcam sites have hundreds of girls working at one time, which means it is harder for people to make money because there is so much competition.

On our website, you will not have hundreds of girls to compete with.

There is only a small number of models online at the same time, so you will make lots of money easily and quickly.




Getting Paid

We guarantee you a minimum of 1,500€ per month. Although, you will be trained to a very high standard by a top professional in the industry, so it is expected that you make a lot of money. There are lots of other ways for you to make money, and you can get paid daily too.


Communal Areas

There are party and bar areas, a swimming pool, a gym, spa areas, outdoor kitchen, in-house kitchen, a hot tub area, bedrooms and bathrooms. There is also an area where yu can play table tennis, as well as lots of chill out areas and a living room.


Webcam Equipment and Toys

We provide all of the equipment and toys that you will need. But if you have your own, then please bring them with you.



Check out our video

To see the video, please visit our main recruitment website.



There are 100 camera’s around the house watching everything that you do, so you will not have much privacy.

However, you will have the option to block out certain countries of your choice from accessing your live, studio webcam where you will do your private shows. This is to ensure that your family and friends cannot see you. We will however, post pictures, and video footage of all house mates on the website, blog, and social media. You must sign a contract and model release form to allow us to do this.

However, we will not make it obvious that you are doing nude webcam shows, so that your friends and family do not find out. We will be very discreet about this.



Monthly Competition

There will be a monthly competition, where $10,000 will be given away in prize money.

You will be give cash in an envelope if you win, and photo’s will be taken and shown on the blog and website of the prize giveaway. You can win the competition by taking part in daily tasks that could be given to you. This will be run just like big brother, and if you complete your task to a satisfactory level, members will be allowed to vote for you for 24 hours. If you fail your task, you will not have the voting option, and will not receive votes.

You can only win the competition if you pass your task, and you will get only 1 task per week. Voting will be taking place on the blog and the winner/s will be announced on the last day of the month as the contracts come to an end. At the beginning of the new month, new house mates will come into the house, and some house-mates from the previous month will remain. If you want to stay on longer in the house, then please let us know in advance before we start recruitment for the next month.



All live-in contracts for for 1 month at a time. If you choose to leave early, you will lose your guaranteed salary and other benefits.



It is currently undecided on the commission rate that you will receive, but it will be extremely attractive, so that it helps you to make more money than working on other cam sites. The commission rate will be inline with the best in the industry.


Experienced Webcam Models

If you are an experienced webcam model, you are allowed to continue working on your regular website site in addition to broadcasting from ours.


Adult Career

If you decide you would like to make more money than webcam, and you are interested in furthering your career, we have porn experts working for our company that can develop highly professional movies for you. You will be promoted, and have lots of top quality training.


3D Webcam

There will be tools on the website, where customers can have a 3D experience with the webcam models. There is an option for members to ‘STAR IN YOUR OWN MOVIE’. This option, is where people can be in a 3D environment on their wecam with a model of their choice. It will seem like they are really in the same room together.

This package will be offered in several levels, 5 minutes, 10, 15, 30 minutes or 1 hour. The customer will purchase their package and then they will create a script together with the housemate that they choose, we will then build for them a personal movie delivered in amazing and realistic 3D animated graphics with the housemate also providing voicing over and the customer can choose to voice over their character if they wish.


You will make more money than other webcam sites

We have staff ready to assist you with training and to provide you with any assistance you need to make more money with us than any other webcam company.



There is 24/7 security in the house, so people cannot just wander in randomly. Only house mates, and authorised members of staff are allowed inside of the house. We also off-site security that monitors every camera.



There will be weekly parties, and members can vote on what type of party will take place in the house. Members can vote for their favourite model to take yoga classes, painting or piano lessons.

They can buy roses, perfume and other gifts, or they can send their favourite model a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates allowing our members to interact with our models in many different ways. There are lots of money making options for you.


Where will the camera’s be?

The camera’s are in every room, throughout the house, and viewers will follow you and watch everything that you do, just like on big brother.

Camera’s are placed in all living areas, party and bar areas, swimming pool, gym and spa areas, the outdoor kitchen and hot tub area and in the bedrooms and bathrooms all of which broadcast live pictures and audio to our paying customers. Users only gain access for free after they have registered. Then they have the opportunity to purchase credits to unlock premium areas and to spend on multiple features within the site.


Video Playback

Customers can register as members for free. Inside the members area they will have access to some free cameras.

Members then purchase credits which can be used to buy access to all premium cameras as well as to tip girls in the Live Show rooms, pay for private shows, buy our models gifts, enter competitions and pay for access to the previous 24 hours of recorded footage for all cameras.



There is a strict no smoking policy inside of the house, or anywhere on where you will be on camera. Smoking is permitted in outside designated areas.



Work Schedule

You will be required to be streaming 8 hours per day, 5 days per week minimum. The 8 hours will be rostered and will be in 2 or 4 hours slots, so you will have plenty of breaks in-between and not work too much at any one time.




The housemates are responsible for their own cleaning, and for keeping the house tidy and clean.




Plenty of alcohol is provided, and housemates can drink whenever they like. However, you are drink to much and cause trouble for other housemates, you could be removed from the house. There is a strict no drugs policy.



Phone Calls

When you are not working in the studio, you are allowed to make and receive phone calls whenever you want.



Fixed Salary

All house-mates that participate in the full experience (the big brother side of things) as well as the webcam side of things, will get a 1,000€ salary per month in addition to her earnings.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, or how much experience you have, you will still get the fixed salary.


Free Photoshoot

If you get accepted to join the house, you will need to sign a model release form to allow us to use your photo’s etc. Also, a terms and conditions form, as well as a 1 month month agreement contract.

All girls will need to bring their own clothing for the photo shoot, which will be done whe you first arrive at the house. this is so that your profile can go live on the website, and we can put you on our blog too. you will need three changes of clothes: 1) lingerie, 2) bikini and 3) a cocktail dress or nightclub outfit.


How to make money

You will make money by live shows, a fixed salary, online tips, video’s (optional), and other online features that will be available including members being able to purchase things online for you. This will be explained to you in full, by the trainer, when you arrive.


How can I join and be part of this?

1) Firstly, you need to fill out the short form on our recruitment website here: . You need to send us a photo so show us how you look.

If you send us a bad quality photo, it will reduce your chances of being accepted. You should take your time, and carefully choose the photo that you send to us. Selfies or professional photo’s are accepted as long as they are good quality photo’s.

2) We will contact you within 2 working days to arrange a time to call you on WhatsApp or Facebok chat. We will need to ensure that you speak good English, because everybody needs to speak good English to be accepted into the house.

We will then ask you to send us more photo’s and information about yourself, as well as any links you have to show us what work you have done before. We accept people with no experience, because full training will be given. But experienced webcam models, or porn actresses may be given preference.

3) After we have spoken to each other, and everything is understood, we then have to put your photo’s and profile onto the blog for voting approximately on the 19th March, and voting will close on the 26th March. Anybody who applies to join after this date, will have to wait until the following month when the new contract starts.

Unless, a space comes up in the meantime. The models that have been accepted will be announced on . If the members vote you in, then you are in. The blog will be up and running on our main website in a few days:

4) If the members vote you in, you will be given a final start date which will be approximately 4th April. This may be delayed, but we will try to keep things running on schedule if possible. We then will need to have the flights booked quickly to ensure your place is guaranteed.


All you need to do now is register: click here and we will be in touch.


How you get paid?

You get paid at the end of the month, after you have left the house. You can get paid through the bank, in cash, western union, or bitcoin. Although, you will get living expenses throughout the month, to give you some spare cash. We are not sure how much this will be yet.


How much money can I make?

It depends on how good you are, but most girls should make 20,000 Euro’s per month from the second month onwards, and we guarantee the first 1,500€.

This is just to give you peace of mind that you cannot possibly go home empty handed. In addition to this, you stand a chance of winning the competition, which is for $10,000 per month.


Why should I join your team and not another cam company?

There are many reasons why you should join us, including…

    1. We offer, full, on-site training and career management. After the month has finished, you can continue doing webcam from home or stay in the house.
    2. We will not have too many girls working at the same time like other cam companies do.
    3. Even though, we are not sure exactly what rates we will pay out yet, we will give you a better commission than other cam companies. This means you will make more money with us.
    4. We offer a 3D experience for our members so it makes them feel that they are actually in the same room as you.
    5. Members can buy additional products online and you get a commission from that too.
    6. We will pay you a 1,000€ fixed salary no matter how good you are.
    7. We will guarantee you make a minimum of 1,500€ per month no matter what.
    8. You can climb the ladder to success with us and move on up into other areas of the adult industry (optional).
    9. You will not have any electricity, accommodation (room) bills, food bills, as we will pay for everything.
  1. We have dedicated staff on hand to ensure that you have a great experience whilst working for us.



You can live with other like minded friends, and have a fantastic trip away from home, and get paid lots of money at the same time.


Where is it?

This amazing big brother style house is situated in Estonia, which is in the European Union.




Why Estonia?

1) Estonia is impossible to hack because they have Blockchain. Blockchain is a system in other countries, that work together in a networks, to stop hacking. Estonia is leading the way in this new technology.

2) Also, in Estonia, many people from around the world can come and work, visa-free, and tax free legally.

3) Estonia is also the technological capital of Europe, and they teach coding in school in the first grade. Estonia is built on technology, and so it is easier to find technological experts here to assist us with our websites.

4) Estonia has a great standard of living. It is cheap, yet party of the European Union, so it is very safe too.