Barclay Club Dublin

This strip club is ruthless, because they tend to bring in lots of girls into Barclay Club. Afterwards, this venue in Dublin doesn’t pay them. They asked for lots of girls to come to Dublin and work for them, then they didn’t pay the girls the right amount of money. They made problems about the accommodation too.,  


We have Blacklisted Barclay Club in Dublin

Barclay Club Dublin

You really couldn’t make it up when it comes to the amount of problems I had with Barclay Club. In fact, it wasn’t just them; it was both clubs in this city. They are utterly ruthless and didn’t care about who they cheated and how they done it. Take my advice, steer well clear of both of them!



Working in Barclay Club

If you are thinking of working here, please think again. They will set you to work, then take your money and then dump you when you complain. If you want to keep your money, then Barclay Club isn’t the right place for you.