After 8 Club Luton

After 8 Club asked for as many girls as possible. When we sent some girls to this venue in Luton, we had problems with them paying the invoice which is still unpaid even today.


This Strip Club wasn’t reviewed well by our dancers. The girls said that After 8 Club Luton not run well at all and all in all I would say that the venue is quite unprofessional from our own experiences with them.


We strongly recommend that you think twice before working with After 8 Luton. It isn’t the sort of venue that we would go to if we was in this town. We wouldn’t go there again as an agency, as customers and we can’t recommend anyone to go as a dancer either.



A quiet strip club called After 8 Club Luton After 8 Luton

After 8 Luton was not busy most of the time and they held back money on some occasions. But in our case, this club didn’t pay us and we would never work with them again!