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About Us

Sin City Entertainment was established in the United Kingdom in 2009. We now hire and supply lap dancers to countries all over the world. We collaborate with top quality strip clubs around the world including the UK, USA, Europe, Australia. We verify the venues that we work with by researching the venue before making an agreement with them. Also, we send one or two dancers there to work to check things out. We have also introduced a new system to monitor our dancers.

If dancers have worked with us before, we will know if they are good dancers or not. All good dancers that have worked with us before, will be given a ‘approved dancer’ status. If a dancer applies for work in one of the best clubs, the management often require us to let them know if the dancers are good or not as they only want the best girls. If you want to be accepted into the best clubs, then you should work for us so we can approve you. Your photo’s will have an ‘approved dancer’ logo on them to show the clubs that you are a very good dancer, reliable and a good worker. As an approved dancer, you will get access to work in the best clubs.

Clubs to avoid are: Club Lapello Dublin, BarclayClub Dublin.

For more information, please contact Chris on WhatsApp: +447534788464.